I honestly can relate to being self-centered and inconsiderate of others at a point in my life. I'd easily conclude to a person not being 'strong or smart enough' just because I was doing well especially in the places they fell short.

Just like you said, after some years of experience, I really have come to also accept, learn and appreciate kindness and compassion. Honestly we cannot do this life on our own if we do not learn the act of kindness and compassion. We need each other to survive, we need each other to make it. Once you understand that "Two heads indeed are better than one" you respect and learn to appreciate kindness, not only that. You act it.

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A little kindness goes a long way. I can relate to this, honestly. I'm currently planning a conference and I've sent over thirty sponsorship letters to companies and none have yielded results. I spoke to my friends and voila, one of them dropped an amount I wouldn't have expected at all because she's technically just a uni student.

Definitely, I'll be paying it forward when I get the opportunity

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